Who we are

Established in 2019, Chanodil is an online service that connects fashion manufacturers, suppliers, fashion designers and buyers with each other, to allow growth and recognition for each business. At an affordable price, the B2B service allows each business to increase its visibility whilst collaborating with a wide variety of fashion stakeholders from across the globe. Chanodil has a reliable list of audited garment manufacturers and suppliers that are well-known to produce high- quality garments to ensure that each business is connected with a qualified and trustworthy source.

Chanodil also offers a software solution to allow fashion businesses to manage and track their orders all on one platform, simply by logging into their online profile. This makes the ordering process fast and cuts non-value adding steps in the process; this service is all bought together through one simple click of a button. Ultimately, the Chanodil service allows businesses to save time, money and ease the production process.

Additionally, the platform allows fashion businesses to sell their products online using their own website which is created and managed by Chanodil at an affordable price. This service offers special support for new fashion businesses to trial out their fashion business with low risk and investment. The well-established fashion businesses can enhance their brand with additional Chanodil sales features. Consistent business and technical mentoring from collaborative businesses is also an advantage of Chanodil’s services, meaning that fashion businesses can get useful and professional advice on how to improve their brand.

Chanodil’s core values include:

  • Innovation – Disruptive mechanism to manage a fashion business from figure tips
  • Quality – Best quality and reliable supplier and manufacturer engagement
  • Simplicity - Simplify the production and sales process of fashion industry
  • Affordability – Affordable service offering for all stakeholders

Chanodil is proud to announce to have been awarded by the

Top Team Award at European Innovation Academy, Italy

Santander Entrepreneurship Award at Nottingham Trent University, UK

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