Denim is a very popular and in-demand fabric and you can reach a large audience if you are thinking of starting your own denim fashion brand. There is a huge market for custom jeans, jackets, handbags and so on – you can go wild with your imagination in the world of denim. Ensuring you also research the denim factors for your fashion design is also essential, you need to look out for washes, textiles and colours. This can help you asses how to build a successful and friendly denim brand. Another consideration you need to make, is that your denim products are selling at a fair and reasonable price, when you conduct your business plan, you’ll already know how to target different markets and assess what there price-points are.

1. Understand and Choose the Manufacturing Process

There will be a variety of processes in the creation of jeans. It consists of 3 important steps. The first one is ensuring that you have the essential raw materials to create your product. This will include things such as the correct fabric, rivets, buttons, zippers and any other fasteners and accessories you need depending on the type of jeans that you produce.

The second step is considering the type of clothing manufacturer you want. There are specific high-tech machinery that goes into making high-quality jeans, these machines can vary from stitching machines, logo making machines and so on. Remember, that when creating jeans, there are so many elements to it from the fastening, to the logo, to the style of seam you want- this isn’t just a simple print on T-shirt, it is a lot more technical, so it needs to be well thought out and executed to a high standard.

Depending on your business plan, if you decide to start off with a fairly small jeans clothing line, then you can connect with a specialist manufacturer- these guys will be able to help you with the whole of the production process! Lastly, ensure you check samples beforehand for any imperfections, do this before you pursue any other methods such as; stitching, embroidering, patchwork and other processes.

2. Choosing the Colour / Technique for your Denim

Denim is a great fabric as you can experiment with colour, the texture and the overall look. Those old pair of black denim jeans you have in your wardrobe were dyed, it’s original colour would have been nowhere near black, which shows you can truly have fun with the dying process. Alternatively, you could use raw denim- this is a type of jean which is not dyed or altered in any way. Another technique you could propose is enzyme washing. This process involves softening the fabric, providing exceptional comfort in comparison to other jeans.

3. Knowledge of your Creative Freedom with Denim

Denim is a fabric which can be produced into many different products, such as jackets, denim shirts, shorts and much more. It is considered a very flexible element within garment manufacturing. Also take to note that denim is long-lasting, therefore market and idolise the idea that your jeans can be re-worn again and again with no damage. Also take to note the washing requirements- if the procedure is followed correctly, the denim should stay in perfect condition!

Also consider the idea of customisation for your denim, as this will drive more demand. Dependent on your market research, you may want to add exciting accessories such as zippers and rivets. Whether these work as a functional piece or as a fashion statement, they’re more likely to make your product look more design-driven and exciting.

4. Pinpoint your Marketing to your Audience

Still working out a marketing plan? Check out our post ‘How to Create a Marketing Plan for a Fashion Business’.

Tailoring your marketing ideas to your audience is important. For your denim brand, you may want to consider your audience…in fact, you must. For example, If your target audience are young university students, then creating TV ads and posters will not reach out to them effectively. Use resources that they would use, such as social media apps like Instagram and Twitter.

5. Additional Notes:

The key things you need to start a denim clothing line is:

  1. Knowledge of the denim you want to sell, as well as the style, product, colour, stitch techniques and additional accessories
  2. Understand what is the most important manufacturing process for you
  3. Research heavily who your target audience are
  4. Create an effective marketing plan in regards to your target audience
  5. Get a business license
  6. Know your product and think of future trends in the world of denim
  7. Be open to new ideas, such as customisation

On a final note, whilst starting a denim brand is slightly more technical, Chanodil can help connect you to specialist manufacturers. These types of manufacturers can help you with the types of processes and techniques you want for your denim and will be able to recommend some professional advice. If this is something of interest you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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