Fashion and Gaming industries are not typical collaborators, but this connection has some resemblance to the Fashion and Sports relationship. The Gaming industry is changing the way fashion products are consumed, especially in terms of tangible and intangible fashion items.
Sportswear and streetwear brands are realising the revenue potential of the gaming industry through gaming platforms such as eSports. For instance, Newzoo Global Market eSports 2019 Report estimates that the global industry will generate ‘$1.8 billion in 2022’.

What is eSports?

eSports is electronic sports where computer gamers compete against each other (usually in teams). The aspect that sets this apart from conventional gaming, is that it includes tournaments which are held in large venues that allow fans to watch the competitions. The winners can win thousands of pounds with the rise of professional eSport players.

How are fashion brands cashing in?

Fashion brands such as Nike are using the platform to sell digital versions of their products that fans and players can buy for their gaming avatars. Meanwhile, fashion brands are even collaborating with gaming influencers to create fashion collections and exclusive merchandise for gaming competitions. The average that a gaming fan spends on merchandise was £74 in 2018.

Sources: Newzoo, BBC

There are fashion brands inspired by this industry with exclusive collections for the gaming culture. Metathreads are examples of a brand which combines the gaming and streetwear culture.

Source: Metathreads

Champion x Optic-Gaming

Another major collaboration is the sportswear brand Champion and Optic-Gaming which will bring this gaming culture merchandise to the mainstream consumer.

Source: Venture Beat


Jack & Jones x eSports

This is a space with potential for growth and opportunities for other categories of fashion brands to become key players.

Source: Jack & Jones

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