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There is a lot of conversation around sustainability…but how does it affect fashion and why should we choose sustainable fabrics?
As we all know, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries that there is, some factors that contribute to this are;

  1. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used in fashion. It currently uses around 22.5% of the worlds insecticides and around 10% of the worlds pesticides; these contain chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment and harmful to the farms who are growing it- (Ethical Fashion Form)
  2. Textiles are treated with chemicals to soften and dye them. These chemicals are toxic for the environment and can easily be transferred to the skin of people who wear them. Some common hazardous chemicals include; lead, chromium, IV and nickel.– (Greenpeace)
  3. Fast Fashion: The low cost and general nature of ‘fast fashion’ means that a lot of the items of clothing are shortly disposed into landfill sites. The UK alone throws away a total of 1 million tonnes of clothing each year. – (Waste Online)

Conventional cotton alone requires a third of a pound of chemicals to make just one t-shirt and how many t-shirts do you have sitting in your drawers right now?” –(Blythe Copeland, 2009- Green Fashion).

From the key facts above, it’s safe to say that choosing a sustainable fabric is far better for the environment and for the welfare of people producing them.

So WHY should we choose sustainable fabrics and HOW can we help?

  1. Buying into sustainable brands under the Fair-Trade Act means that the items were produced under safe working conditions and the person who made it earned a fair wage.
  2. Choosing alternative sustainable fabrics such as Bamboo or Hemp will cut down the amount of chemicals produced
  3. By going sustainable you instantly focus on quality. Unlike fast fashion, the materials used in sustainable fabrics are made to last and be kind to the environment.
  4. We understand that by investing into fast fashion brands you’re likely to be on trend- but by investing in sustainable fashion brands you can create your own style! Sustainable fashion brands tend to produce quality and timeless pieces, therefore why not be a trend starter, instead off a follower!
  5. It is better for the animals! The life of animals isn’t worth the leather jacket! Choosing cruelty free clothes means that you can wear your items without worry about the process it took to make them, plus you saved a life!

If you’re looking into a starting your own fashion business, then choosing to go down the sustainable route is definitely as your advantage. With the great environmental impacts, it has and the ever-growing amount of supports towards a more sustainable life- you’re instantly at an advantage!

Check out our article on 5 On-Trend Sustainable Fashion Brands to Look Out For-to find out more about sustainability in fashion.

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